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Ice tower in Minecraft Legends: how to get and use

Ice Towers in Minecraft Legends

В minecraft legends players will need to use all available resources to defend against the piglin invasion and strike back at their portals and camps. Initially, it comes down to basic things like gun turrets and golems, but over time the options expand to include a huge amount of defensive buildings and powerful mobs.


If we consider the strongest defensive structures in minecraft legends, then power towers are definitely one of the best. These three types of towers are limited in number during single player and are expensive to acquire and build in multiplayer. However, they are incredibly effective and can be an advantage in both offensive and defensive tactics. One of these towers is the ice tower, which will be discussed in this guide.

How to get an ice tower in Minecraft Legends


To get the ice tower in single player, players will first need to find question marks on the world map. With any luck, one of them will hide an old ice tower, and approaching it will trigger a cutscene in which the Masters will explain how to use it. After that, players will be able to create a new improvement in the Improvement Center at the Well of Doom. It's called "Upgrade: Gather Ley Towers", it costs 100 Gems and 100 Prismarines.

After building it, players will be able to build power towers in the Overworld, spending gold and other resources, the need for which depends on the type of tower. Ice tower requires Diamonds, also used in the construction of skeleton spawners.

Building an Ice Tower in multiplayer requires "Upgrade: Build Force Towers" in the Upgrade Center at a cost of 200 Gems and 120 Prismarines. After that, an ice tower can be built for 400 stones and 600 diamonds.

How to use the ice tower in Minecraft Legends


As the name suggests, the ice tower throws ice blocks that explode on impact, freezing everything in its radius. This can stun the enemy and leave them vulnerable, ideally within range of other towers or strong mobs that can take advantage of this opportunity. This works on almost all types of mobs, and a well-placed ice tower will weaken enemy forces, leaving them unable to retaliate while the player's army wreaks havoc.

In terms of placement, the tower's long range allows it to be deployed behind walls and other defenses and still bring ice blocks down on enemy armies with ease. It is best placed behind a key choke point, such as a gate surrounded by scattered towers. However, it is necessary to put the carpenter's hut within reach, as ice towers are expensive and cannot be replaced in single player unless another tower is found and assembled in the Overworld.

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