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All the monsters in Roblox Doors (doors): how to defeat and survive

All monsters in Roblox Doors

This guide will cover all the monsters in Roblox DOORS, from Figure to Umbush and Rush, and how to avoid, defeat, and generally survive them.

DOORS is Roblox game, in which players need to escape from a hotel full of terrifying creatures. Enemies in DOORS will attack the player in a variety of brutal ways, from sudden screamers to exhausting pursuits.

DOORS stands out from other Roblox horror games with its challenging gameplay and diverse set of creatures. To complete DOORS, players will have to go through all 100 rooms of the hotel, dodging scary monsters along the way. Here are all the hostile creatures you'll encounter in DOORS, along with a strategy for coping with them to successfully navigate to the next tough encounter.

Rush (Rush)

Rush is one of the first monsters encountered in the door. He appears as a gray face with a menacing smile surrounded by a cloud of black smoke. Rush moves quickly, racing through the rooms until he reaches a closed door. He turns off the lights in every room he passes through, leaving them in total darkness. Any player it comes into contact with is instantly killed.

To defeat Rush, it is very important to follow his audio and visual cues. Before the monster appears, the light will flash several times. After a few seconds, a loud static noise of interference will begin to play, indicating that Rush is active, and this sound will get louder as it gets closer. Hide in closets and under beds to avoid death from Rush. Once this creepy enemy enters an unlocked door, it will disappear and you can exit your hideout safely.

Lights occasionally flicker randomly without Rush appearing, especially in the deeper parts of the hotel. The sound of interference is the key to determining if it is active or not.

Hide (Hyde)


This formless monster appears whenever the player hides in a closet or under a bed for too long. When Hide appears, the player's screen shakes and turns red. When that hint isn't enough, "Get Out" will flash on the screen along with a series of erratic sound effects. If the player stays, Hyde will damage them and force them out of cover. To make matters worse, after that, it will be impossible to hide again for ten seconds, remaining vulnerable to any entities in the vicinity.

There is no way to stay in hiding without eventually causing Hyde to come. However, it is possible to quickly leave the hiding place and re-enter it at the first sign of his presence. This resets Hyde's timer and allows you to continue hiding in the same place.

Dupe (Dupe)


Dupe can spawn in any room with two or more numbered doorways. In the room where there is Dupe, only one door will allow you to go further. Selecting the fake door will trigger a screamer that knocks the player down and deals damage. The real door in Dupe's room is the only one correctly numbered; for example, if the previous door was number 29, then the actual door will be number 30.

This monster can be difficult to deal with when you don't keep track of the room numbers inside the hotel. If you turn around and look at the door with the previous number, you will find that it has been scratched out. One way to find a real door in a room is to stand near the doorway and listen. The fake doors in Dupa's room make a faint rumbling sound.

The real door can also be identified by carefully approaching it.: real doors open from a greater distance than fake ones.

Ambush (Ambush)


Ambush is a monster that appears as a pale, pixelated face with an open mouth. He behaves the same as Rush, rushing through several rooms chasing players and making a booming sound. However, unlike Rush, Ambush will turn around and run through rooms multiple times. If the player is out of cover, a screamer awaits him and instant death.

Surviving this enemy is not easy, as players have to hide for a long time. This puts them in danger of provoking Hyde, who will force him out of hiding and into the path of Ambush. One way to deal with this problem is to wait for Ambush to pass and then leave the cover and stay out of it until you hear him turn around. After that, it will be possible to hide again in the same place without triggering Hyde.

Eyes (Eyes)


The player has a chance to summon Eyes each time they open a door to a new room. Monster Gaze will deal continuous damage until the player turns away or dies. The eyes do not move, but they will remain an obstacle until the door to the next room is opened.

When confronted with Eyes, you need to look away as soon as they appear. To do this, turn the camera away and try to look only at the wall or floor. You can walk past the Eyes without taking any damage, so you don't have to be afraid to approach them. It is preferable to move to the next room as quickly as possible, as this will cause the Eyes to disappear.

Screech (Screech)


Screech is a monster that only appears in dark rooms. When it appears, the screen will vibrate slightly, followed by a faint “Psst!” sound. The strategy here is the exact opposite of countering Eyes: look for Screech and look directly at him to avoid damage.

The key to defeating the creature is to carefully listen to its audio signals, which can be used to determine its location. The scream always spawns behind the player, usually above, below, or at eye level. It can also be avoided entirely by hiding in a closet or under a bed when entering a dark room.

Screech will only appear next to one person in multiplayer. To reduce the chance of him spawning, items such as lanterns and candles can be used.

Halt (Halt)


Hult is one of the hardest monsters in DOORS due to its ability to stalk the player. Before the meeting with Hult, the light will flicker (longer than before the appearance of Rush), and the next door will lead to a long corridor. This corridor is dark, narrow, and bathed in a dim blue light. The goal of the player is to get to the end of the corridor without being caught by Hult.

To escape from Hult, you need to keep moving along the corridor until Hult tells you to turn around. The words “TURN AROUND” will appear on the screen for a few moments, after which the main character should start walking in the opposite direction. If Hult gets too close, you'll see the words "RUN!" instead. and the character will take damage when Hult touches it. This cycle will continue until the hero reaches the next door or is killed by a monster.



Sik is one of the few entities that players are guaranteed to encounter in every playthrough of DOORS. He appears twice: once in front of Room 50 (also known as the Library) and once after. The approach of Sika is heralded by the appearance of black eyes on the walls and paintings, the number of which increases with each door. After the fourth door is opened, Sik will emerge from the puddle of black goo and start chasing.

To survive the encounter with the monster, the victim will have to run through a series of rooms and dodge obstacles in their path. The correct path will be highlighted with a faint blue glow, indicating objects to crouch under and doors to run through. At the end of this path, the player will reach the last room, a long hallway with large windows on either side. Black hands will break through these windows and try to grab the character, allowing Siku to catch up. Falling chandeliers should also be avoided; although they don't kill instantly, they still do a lot of damage. Upon reaching the end of this corridor, the door will slam shut and Sik will stop chasing.

Figure (Figure)


The figure is one of the worst monsters in Roblox. He appears in the Library and the Electrical Room, which is the XNUMXth and last room in the Hotel. This monster locates players by sounds, including by walking, which means crouching whenever a Figure is nearby. In both the Library and the Electric Room, players will have to avoid the Figure as they collect items in order to progress.


The Library is located about half way through the Hotel and is the largest room in the Hotel. To get out of the Library, you need to find and collect five books, which are used to open the lock on the door leading out of the room. The figure hunts the players during this sequence and hears if they pick up a book or interact with the castle. Therefore, one must wait until the Figure has gone far before making any sounds, and at the same time remain constantly in a crouching position.

There are closets to hide in, but they trigger a mini-game where you have to control your heartbeat until the Figure is gone. Success will ensure the player's safety, but failure will result in instant death. Once the Library exit is open, the Figure will be able to detect any victims still in the room and become incredibly fast. In order not to be caught, you need to leave the premises as soon as possible.

The figure gets faster as you collect books. Before picking up the fifth and final book, players should listen carefully to the Figure's steps and make sure it is at a safe distance.

electrical room

The last room in the Hotel has three floors, although only the main and top floors are needed to escape. Upon entering the electrical room for the first time, the Figure will chase the player until they either leave its hearing range or hide in a closet and complete the heartbeat mini-game. Ten batteries are scattered around the room, and you need to collect them all in order to escape. All the while, the Figure will continue to hunt, and will be able to detect its prey from a greater distance than before. It is very important to avoid the Figure's constant patrol routes by moving through the numerous storage areas, stairs, and upper floor.

When the batteries are collected and the elevator is powered up, the Figure will give chase again. The protagonist must run up the stairs and enter the elevator to avoid being killed by the Figure. This creepy enemy is now much faster, so you won't have room for error. Once you reach the elevator, you will successfully complete the last room in DOORS.

Minor entities

Minor entities are monsters in DOORS that do not pose a serious threat to the player. These enemies exist mainly to scare players and add an element of unpredictability to every playthrough. While they are not dangerous in and of themselves, they can still catch unprepared players by surprise, and if they start to act rashly, they will be at risk from more dangerous entities.

Jack (Jack)


Jack/Jack has a small chance of spawning in closets and behind doors. When Jack appears in the closet, it will trigger the jump scare and prevent the player from hiding. However, it will be possible to simply open the cabinet again, then Jack will disappear and allow him to use it as usual. If Jack appears behind the door, he will make a loud noise and distort the screen for a moment. In any case, Jack is unable to deal any damage and disappears immediately after the jump scare.


This monster only appears in rooms 90-99 of the hotel, in the section called the Greenhouse. It looks like a small patch of dirt on the ground with small holes. Stepping on a trap will cause the hero to take minor damage and be immobilized for approximately five seconds. If an entity such as Rush is active, then falling into this trap will not allow you to hide or use items. The best way to avoid Sneir is to use a light source in the Greenhouse, such as a candle. Thus, it can be easily seen and bypassed.

Snare cannot kill. If the character is low on health and the damage it deals should be lethal, it will leave 1 HP instead.

Timothy (Timothy)


Timothy / Timothy is a small spider that occasionally appears in boxes and chests. His appearance is greenish and somewhat cartoonish, and is nowhere near as scary as the rest of the DOORS monsters. If Timothy appears, he will jump on the player and deal some damage before disappearing. There is no way to avoid Timothy from spawning, but his damage is non-lethal and very low compared to other creatures.

Shadow (Shadow)

The Shadow is the rarest entity in DOORS, with a small chance to spawn when opening a door. Like Jack, she only scares the player, but nothing more. The shadow makes a loud sound and deals no damage. It is visible for only half a second, after which it disappears.

That's all you need to know about where all the monsters spawn and how to defeat them in roblox doors. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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