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How many chapters are in It Takes Two and how long does it take

How many chapters are in It Takes Two

It Takes Two is an adorable co-op adventure that sees main characters May and Cody go through all sorts of Toy Story-style adventures after transforming into dolls. Not only do they long to return to their human bodies, but they also want to mitigate the rift that widened between them and their daughter during a difficult divorce.

This is an emotional, addictive and innovative game. And each chapter is very different from the previous one, as the game constantly changes things to keep it fresh. As a result, there are not so many chapters in it. Below are the titles of all the main chapters, and how long it will take to complete them all.

How long does It Takes Two take?

According to the source HowLongToBeat, It Takes Two will take you and your partner about 13,5 hours to complete, although if you stop to find side quests, easter eggs and mini-games, it will take much longer.

HowLongToBeat doesn't give an overall average for 100 percent game completion, but it does have an average for each system. Based on this information, you will probably need 15 to 19 hours to go through everything the game has to offer.

How many chapters are in It Takes Two


It Takes Two contains seven chapters in total., each of them has several different game mechanics. There are plenty of games here to dive into, especially if you're going to be doing side missions and playing mini-games, so take your time.

It Takes Two, list of chapters:

  • Barn
  • Tree
  • Rose's room
  • Cuckoo-clock
  • Snowball
  • Garden
  • Attic

Is there anything to do in It Takes Two after completing the story?


It Takes Two is a fairly linear game at its core, with a bit of exploration in fantastically beautiful locations that players will travel through.

It's not an open world where there are a lot of hidden collectibles or achievements, but players will still likely want to return to each area after they beat the game.

An interesting addition to the main gameplay are mini games, which are insanely fun for both players (when played together) and offer tons of fun between the intense action of the storyline.

These mini-games are sometimes hidden and "off the beaten path" and in total players are offered 25 such mini-games. Luckily, the developers have added a handy level select feature that will help players quickly jump to certain points in the story to find what they may have missed.

For those who are craving a little more action, swap characters with a partner. Cody and May are completely different in terms of game mechanics, and if this is your first time controlling a character, it will be a whole new experience.

So after the players are done all chapter "It Takes Two" they should definitely consider replaying them as the opposite character.

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