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Cinema in Stardew Valley: how to open, buy tickets and snacks

Cinema in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley replete with unique and interesting content. There's a rich plot and sense of community here, as well as plenty of post-plot activities. In this guide, we'll take a look at the cinema.

The cinema, available in the late game, replaces the JojaMart store, and in order to access it, you need to either complete the Joja storyline or choose to rebuild the Club. Once the cinema opens, you will be able to invite villagers to watch movies with you. But first, let's find out how to unlock the cinema.

How to open a movie theater in Stardew Valley

To unlock the cinema, you will need to complete club missions. Once the club is completed, JojaMart will move out of its building, leaving it derelict.

When you enter the abandoned building, you will see a small sign that says "Missing Bundle". This the last set in the game that you will need to collect.

Once the knot is ready, Junimo will rebuild an abandoned building into a cinema.

If you decide to follow the JojaMart storyline and turn the club into their warehouse, you can still get the cinema.

By paying 500 gold, you can turn the building into a cinema.

How to Buy a Cinema Ticket in Stardew Valley


Once the cinema is unlocked, you can start watching movies in it. To enter the cinema you will need in advance acquire ticket. Tickets sold in front of the entrance, in the window on the right side.

One ticket costs 1000 gold. You can go to the movie alone, or invite one of the residents of Pelican City with you.

If you are planning to go to the cinema together, don't forget to buy two tickets.

After you have purchased a ticket, give it to the resident you want to watch the movie with. Then go to the cinema on the same daywhen you gave away the ticket.

If you miss a day, the resident will forget about the invitation and not go to the cinema.

You can purchase more tickets for future use, but do not give them to any of the inhabitants if you do not plan to go that day.

Movies available at Stardew Valley Cinema


The cinema shows eight different films. These films have been running for two years. and open gradually, at different times.

What movie will be available first, depends on the season in which you unlock the cinema.

So, if the cinema is built in the spring, then the first film will be "Brave little sprout", but if it opens in the fall, the first film will be The Mysterium.

There are two different posters hanging outside the cinema. The poster on the left corresponds to the movie that is on this week.right - a film that is scheduled to be shown next week.

Residents of the city have their own preferences for different films, these preferences fall into three categories: likes, likes or dislikes. When you invite a villager to watch a movie they love, you will earn 200 friendship points. If you only like the movie, you will receive 100 friendship points. However, even if you watch a movie with a resident that he/she doesn't like, it still won't affect the character's friendship points in any way.

Below you can see all eight films and find out when they will be in theaters. In addition, residents' tastes for films are indicated here.

FilmOut for rentCity dwellers who love this movie
Little brave sproutSpring, 1 yearCaroline, Dwarf, Jas, Penny, Sandy, Vincent
Journey of the Prairie King: The MovieSummer, 1 yearCaroline, Dwarf, Jas, Robin, Sandy, Vincent
MysteryAutumn, 1 yearAbigail, Dwarf, Elliot, Leia, Sandy, Sebastian, Wizard
Miracle at Coldstar RanchWinter, 1 yearDwarf, Emily, Evelyn, Gus, Harvey, Marnie, Sandy
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Living WorldSpring, 2 yearDemetrius, Dwarf, Jas, Lewis, Leo, Maru, Sandy
WumbusSummer, 2 yearAlex, Demetrius, Dwarf, Gus, Jas, Maru, Pierre, Sam, Sandy, Shane, Vincent
Howling in the rainAutumn, 2 yearAbigail, Alex, Dwarf, Sandy, Sebastian, Shane
Express to Zuzu CityWinter, 2 yearDwarf, Evelyn, George, Harvey, Jody, Sandy

As you may have noticed, some characters don't have a favorite movie. Let's take a quick look at the preferences of each of these residents:

HaleyLike all movies but: Journey of the Prairie King; Wumbus
ClintLike all movies but: Express to Zuzu City
KentLike all movies but: Mysterium; Howling in the rain
KrobusI like the movie Mysterium
WillyLike all movies
LinusDoesn't like any movies

Random residents of the city will also sometimes be in the hall during a movie show. If one of these residents is Pam, then Penny will like the movie, no matter what movie it is.

To a random inhabitant in the hall your going to the cinema will not affect in any way, meaning you won't get friendship points from his presence.

Available Snacks at Stardew Valley Cinema


At the cinema, you will also have the opportunity to buy various snacks.

As with movies, characters have preferences for movie snacks. Your favorite snack will earn you 50 friendship points, and a snack you like - 25 friendship points. Unloved snacks will not affect friendship in any way.

Below is a complete list of all the snacks and preferences of the residents of the city. Out of 24 snacks, five will be randomly selected for purchase.

SnackPrice (gold)Villagers who love this snack
apple slices100Harvey
black licorice25George, Krobus, Wizard
Cake with cappuccino mousse220Elliot, Evelyn, Gus, Hailey
chocolate popcorn130Jody
Cotton candy50Penny, Sandy
French fries100Clint
Snack with hummus90Shane
ice cream sandwich150Marni
Jasmine tea50Harvey, Lewis, Sebastian
Very hard lollipop250Vincent
Joja Cola40Shane
Smoothie with kale120Emily
Nachos100Pam, Shane
Pantsarella200gGus, Leah
Pizza for one150gSam, Pierre, Shane
Popcorn120Demetrius, Kent
Lollipop90Abigail, Dwarf
Salmon Burger150Alex, Linus, Willy
salted peanuts120Robin
sour slimes80Jas
star cookie150Evelyn, Gus, Maru, Wizard
Stardrop Sherbet1250 All (except Krobus)
truffle popcorn180Caroline, Elliot, Gus

How to Play the Crane Game in Stardew Valley


When you enter the cinema, you will see a slot machine in the upper left corner. You can play this game before the movie show starts.

There is a 25% chance that there will be a person in front of the machine and you will not be able to play it.

Additionally,  the crane slot machine will be unavailable after the end of the movie.

Game "Crane" costs 500 gold and you will have three chances to win a prize. Every try lasts 15 seconds, starting from the moment you first moved the crane.

First you will move the crane horizontally. After that you need move the crane vertically. Then the faucet get down and try to grab the prize.

Prizes are on conveyor belts, but you can find rare prizes hidden in decorative bushes. They will open if you drop another prize on top of them.

As in similar slot machines in real life, this crane has a chance to drop an item while moving it to the collection bin.

Listed below are all the prizes that the faucet game offers.

In every season there will be a new set of prizes. They remain the same each year, so if you miss a seasonal prize, you can try your luck next year.

SeasonAvailable Prizes
All year roundBears (regular and large)
futan rabbit
Little plush Junimo 
dinosaur egg
Totem - teleport
cinema ticket
Exotic and elite wood
Houseplant 13
Movie poster currently on
SpringIndoor hanging basket
plush rabbit
plastic flamingo
seasonal decoration
Seasonal plants (1, 2, 3 or 6)
Summerindoor palm
If Wumbus is coming: Wumbus statue, Bobo statue
If is "Journey of the Prairie King": tall palm, tall cactus
AutumnWall pumpkins (regular and small)
dried sunflowers
grave stone
Statue of the Green or Purple Serpent
WinterWinter tree sticker
Candy: large, red and green cane; ordinary, red and green cane; mixed cane
Winter Star Tree

Not all of these prizes will be available at the same time. Every time you play the game prizes are distributed randomly.

If you play twice in a row, prizes will vary.

Movie Theater Tips for Stardew Valley


Going to the cinema with a resident works a little differently than giving gifts. You can give a gift to a character twice a week, with the score reset every Sunday. This means that you can give gifts on Friday and Saturday, and then again on Sunday.

Joint trips to the cinema have a longer “pause” period. If you invite a villager to the cinema, he will not want to go there again for seven days. Try to alternate who you invite to the movies. Also note that Krobus doesn't go to the movies on Fridays.

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