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How to cook food in Stranded Deep

How to cook food in Stranded Deep

Looking back at survival games in recent years, you can see that almost all of them have one thing in common: the cooking mechanism. Stranded Deep is no exception. The game offers a basic but vital cooking process to help survivors get the food they need. But, like most games of this genre, it does not give players instructions on how to complete the task.

You have wood, stone, fire and meat; then you have to connect ingenuity. Sounds unfair? Well then use our cooking guideto become a professional chef in Stranded Deep and never worry about food again.

How to cook in Stranded Deep

There are two cooking methods: put the meat on the fire or attach it to the smokehouse. In the first method, the meat is cooked, but it can spoil. But the second method (smoking) prevents spoilage of cooked meat.

As for potatoes, cook them on a spit or in a hobo stove. Don't put it on the smoker because it won't work.

What can be cooked in Stranded Deep

While players can eat food rations, fruit, and coconuts, only meat and potatoes can be cooked. The most useful food is meat, which comes in three types: small, medium and large. And potatoes are best for fuel, not for cooking.

Here is a list of meat sources in Stranded Deep:

AnimalMeat size
Wild boarAverage
giant crabAverage
Giant perch fishAverage
Wild boarGreat

Cooking time depends on the size of the meat and cooking technique. As a rule, it takes a minute and a half to cook a small piece of meat., and it will take more time to smoke it. When the food is ready, the game will let you know with a beep.

Best Cooking Station

There are five cooking stations in Stranded Deep: Campfire, Firepit, Spit, Hobo Stove, and Smokehouse. Of all options smokehouse - the best cooking station, because it processes more food and prevents spoilage.

Coming in second place after the smoker, the second best cooking item is the hobo stove. She cooks as many pieces of meat as the players put on her; the only downside is that you can't smoke meat on it.

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