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All secret cheat codes in Vampire Survivors for characters, money and more

All cheat codes in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors you can unlock many items, characters, levels and many other content. However, some players find it difficult to be patient when it comes to obtaining these items, and that's when secret codes come to the rescue.

Similar to the games of the early 2000s, Vampire Survivors allows you to enter secret cheat codes that unlock characters, items, or stages immediately. However, you must first unlock the ability to enter such codes.

How to unlock codes in Vampire Survivors

While entering cheats may seem like an easy way out, it really isn't. The point is that you have to complete many races first before you get the opportunity to enter secret codes. Here's all you need to do to be able to use them in the game:

  • Unlock hyper mode in at least three of these stages: Crazy Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, or Magna Chapel. You can unlock hyper mode by reaching the 25 minute mark and defeating the boss that appears.
  • Destroy in the Bone Zone stage the boss, which is a giant ball of bones. It can be find by the question mark symbol displayed on the map of this stage, in the lower left corner. Then you will receive a relic "The Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane"that allows you to enter secret codes.

For this boss, we recommend bringing a character with you that deals heavy damage to a single target, such as Zi'Assuntu, Maruto, Lama, Arch, Punyala or something similar to them.

List of all cheat codes in Vampire Survivors


In this section you will find all secret codes that can be entered in Vampire Survivors after unlocking this ability. These codes unlock character, stage, relics, arcana and more.

Character codes

CodeUnlockable character
ablasphemousmockeryMask of the Red Death
accendtiCrochi Fritto
allatonceQueen Sigma
bio ParkDommario
carrambaBianca Ramba and her weapon Carrello
crystal make upChristine Daven
earrivatolarrotinoBig pants
fastchiumaSuor Clerici
field battlePoppea Pecorina
fettipanateBoone Marrabbio
flymetothemoonPugnala Provola
foldinthecheeseMinna Mannarach
High fiveGaines Boros
ifeellovevenusConcetta Cachotta
kalvasflamAvatar of Infernas
languorousSir Ambrogio and his weapon La Robba
lhovistoioCosmo Pavone
maybeimastallionSmith IV
noneladonnaArch Ladonna
paradigmshiftZi'Assunta Belpaese
when he says itSofa Telma
resetO'Sole Mio and his weapon Sky Dust
strongest characterBy Ratcho
superwomanLama Ladonna
thetwoassassinsGiovanna Grana
vivaladonnaPorta Ladonna
wait reactionGallo Iguana Valletto
yattapandaYatta Cavallo and his weapon Cherry Bomb

Relic Cheats

CodeOpenaya rheliquia
dootdootseventh mouthpiece
eggseggseggsGlass Wizard
freeze arrowMirror of Grace
gottago fastChaos Malachite
icanheartthecriesofcaptainplanetGreat Gospel
ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenityellow sign
leadmetothecheesemap of the milky way
teleportustomarsmind conqueror
thankelrondMagic raskolbas
time compressionTears of the Enchantress
thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefaultGrimoire Grimoire
thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefaultArs Gouda

Arcana codes

ilbagattoGemini (I)
ilcarroAzure Will (VII)
ildiavoloGolden Disco (XV)
ilgiudizioQuiet Old Sanctuary (XX)
ilmattoAssassin games (0)
ilmondoAstronomy of Blood (XXI)
ilpapaChaos in the Dark Night (V)
the sunHeart of Fire (XIX)
laforzaCrazy Paz (VIII)
lagiustiziWaltz Pearls (XI)
bumIllusion Boogaloo (XVIII)
lamorteBad Season (XIII)
lapapessaTwilight Requiem (II)
lappesoBeyond (XII)
laruotaStart (X)
lastellaLost and Found Painting (XVII)
towerCut (XVI)
leremitaDivine Bloodline (IX)
limperatoreAwakening (IV)
limperatriceTragic Princess (III)
randomazzamiSaraband of Healing (VI)

Stage codes

dotgogreenacresGreen Acres
everywhereCrazy Forest, Inlaid Library, Dairy Factory, Gallo Tower and Magna Chapel
peak game designBoss Rush
recycletheforestCountry of bats
recyclethetowertiny bridge
rottingpizzabone zone

Legacy Of The Moonspell DLC Codes

CodeOpens character and weapons
chevolanoMille Bolle Blue and Gab'et-oni weapons.
elamadonnaMegalo Menya and the Lunar Spell.
ionicionicoMcCoy-They and 108 Bocce.
itsnotaneclipseSuto Lunochar and the Call of the Night.
shounenheroineMiang Lunochar and the Silver Wind.
take-ashowerMegalo Syuto Lunochar and the Sword of the Night.
vogueBaby Onna and the Mirage Robe.
youngatheartMenya Lunochar and Four Seasons.

Tides Of The Foscari DLC Codes

CodeOpeningncharacter and weapons
animeism passionMaruto Kats and Sketchzibur.
basic switchGenevieve Gruyère and Shadow Servant.
deusexmachinaLuminari Foscari and Prismatic projectile.
happy birthdaySammy.
oopsistoleoneagainKeita Mort and Thunderbolt.
spell somethingEleanor Uziron and Chain of Spells.
spellwhicheverWeapon Spell Strike.
soulofthepartyRotten Ghoul and Party Popper.
theworldeaterCharacter Zhe-Ne-Viva.

Additional Vampire Survivors Cheats

CodeCode action
everythingThe player unlocks all weapons and passive items.
iwanttoseeitagainThe player will start in the Holy Forbidden hidden stage.
popthecornThe player will start on the Green Acres stage, but with corn.
spinnnThe user interface will rotate.
spoopy seasonBianca Ramba, Mortaccio, O-Sole Mio and Yatta Cavallo will be getting Halloween-themed outfits.

For these codes, you won't have to unlock the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane. Instead, it's enough enter the code in the main menu to receive a reward.

CodeCode action
Unlock the Exdash character first and then defeat the Stalker, Drowner, or Trickster enemy. When Toastie appears in the lower right corner of the screen, press down and enter.Unlocks the Toastie character.
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Esc and Enter.Unlocks Mortaccio character.
aintnobodygottimeforthatUnlocks the Game Killer Arcana (0), Crazy Groove (VIII), Out of Limits (XII), Golden Disco (XV) and Quiet Old Sanctuary (XX).
After unlocking the Toastie character, enter "spam» in the main menu. Enter "spam» again when it appears on the character selection screen. Then again enter "spam” on the stage selection screen. Start a run and type "humbug».Unlocks Smith IV character.
petAllows the player to pet and heal O'Sola once per run.

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