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Boiler in Valheim: how to make and improve

Boiler in Valheim

Are you trying to become a viking chef? Here you can learn how to make and upgrade the cauldron needed for cooking in Valheim.

Game valheim allows you to enjoy the harsh life of the Vikings, killing monsters and drinking mead. You will also have the opportunity to cook a variety of dishes, each with its own benefits. But how to cook these dishes?

In this guide, we will look at how to make your own cauldron, which is necessary for cooking most dishes. The boiler can be improved, so we will also look at how to do this. But first of all, let's see what kind of dishes you will cook in the game using a cauldron.

What is the boiler in Walheim used for?

Boiler will be needed when you want cook any dish that requires more than one ingredient. In the Hearth and Home add-on, you can grill meats such as wild boar or fish. These are simple products that will increase your performance, but there are better options in the game.

It is for them that the boiler is useful. In it you can prepare more complex dishes, as well as mead.

How to make a cauldron in Valheim


To create a cauldron, you will need the following materials.

  • 10x tin

Tin is an ore that you can find in Biome Black Forest. Tin deposits usually found along the coastline, which means you don't have to fully enter the biome to collect the resource.

To mine tin, you need least deer antler pick. This means that you first need to defeat Eiktur.

When you have at least 10 units. tin ore, smelt them in a smelter to get ore ingots. As with other workstations, you will need to place a cauldron, a hammer, and a crafting station nearby.

How to upgrade the cauldron in Walheim


There is four possible improvements, boiler, each of which expands the list of recipes that you can cook in it.

These components must be placed near the boiler in order for them to improve.

Below are all the objects of improvements and the materials necessary for them.

Boiler levelComponent updateRequired materials
2Herb dryer3x Dandelion
2x Carrot
5x Mushroom
3x Thistle
3x Turnip
3Butcher's table2x Ancient bark
4x solid wood
4x Quality wood
2x Silver
4Kitchenware5x Iron
5x Copper
5x Black Metal
10x Quality wood
5mortar and pestle8x Black marble
6x Quality wood
4x solid wood

As you create cauldron upgrades, materials become more and more harder to get. The latest update (mortar and pestle) requires you to travel to biome misty lands, and black marble was mined there.

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