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Virtual World 3 in Honkai: Star Rail: how to pass, best units and blessings

World 3 in Honkai Star Rail

World 3 in the virtual universe can cause problems for many players in Honkai: Star Rail, especially if the skills of the squad members do not combine with each other.

The virtual universe is one of the most challenging game modes in Honkai: Star Rail. Here we are invited to take part in a roguelite run with various bonuses and items that are randomly generated. These effects greatly increase the strength of the characters compared to normal mode, but the same goes for the enemies that you have to face in virtual worlds.

World 3 in the virtual universe can cause difficulties for many players due to a rather powerful boss. Even if your squad members have already leveled above the recommended level 45, they will definitely have a hard time due to the abundance of AOE attacks at this stage. There are many ways to play World 3, and below we will look at one of the most effective - it uses unusual combinations of characters and blessings.

Recommended characters for World 3 in Honkai: Star Rail

Most enemies in World 3 are vulnerable to physical and electrical damage types. This also applies to elite enemies and the Cheetah, the final boss of this world. Therefore, it is recommended to assemble a squad based on this feature. Ideally, you should have the following characters in your squad:

  • Clara or Pathfinder with a physical type of damage;
  • March 7;
  • Bailu or Natasha;
  • Serval.

Thus, you can defeat all opponents in this world with the help of a squad of F2P characters, in which the Pathfinder with a physical element will be responsible for the main damage, and the Serval - for the secondary one. March 7 will play the role of a tank, and the fourth slot in the squad should be given to a healer who will help you resist the onslaught of opponents. If you have several five-star characters in your collection, then you can take them to the squad.

The physical damage trailblazer does an excellent job of breaking through two of the toughest enemies in World 3: the Cheetah and the Silvermane Guard Lieutenant. The lieutenant may not appear in the run, but if you are unlucky enough to stumble upon him, then you will have a difficult fight, which is complicated by powerful enemy counterattacks. You will not be able to defeat him without breaking through the vulnerability. Zele can come in handy in this fight, as the Silvermane Guards Lieutenant is vulnerable to Quantum-type damage.

Blessings of the Way and Curiosities


The Paths of Joy and Remembrance synergize well with the party members listed above, however this depends in part on whether you're lucky or not. Blessings of the Path of Joy can greatly increase the power of Mart 7's counterattacks. And when combined with the blessings of the Path of Memory, which are associated with freeze effects, Mart 7 can deal impressive frost damage and finish off enemies with her attacks.

Both of these Paths include many useful blessings for the rest of the team. It is recommended to choose the following ones:

  • Dinner of Champions: Cat's Cradle (Joy) - When a character's ultimate damages an enemy, this attack counts as a bonus attack. Attack bonus damage is increased.
  • Mechanical Harmonica: Mother White Night (Joy) - When the character performs a bonus attack, they deal Aftertaste damage (additional damage with random elements) to the target 1-3 times.
  • Suspiria (Joy) - Increases the character's bonus attack damage.
  • Painted Albatross (Joy) – For each enemy hit by the character's bonus attack, it deals bonus damage to all enemies hit.
  • Experience: Primordial Hardship (Memory) - Increases damage taken by frozen enemies.
  • Ultimate Experience: Chill (Memory) - When using an ultimate, there is a base chance to inflict Frost Vulnerability on a random enemy.
  • On the verge of life and death (Hunting) - Increases the character's chance for critical damage.
  • Imperishable Victory (Hunting) – When a character defeats a target enemy, their action advances 100%, and at the start of their next turn, they gain an increased chance of critical damage.

The damage buffs that can be obtained on the Path of Joy are extremely powerful, and therefore March 7 attacks will be quite effective in this unit build. Even if you don't find the "Dinner of Champions" to buff the rest of the squad, March 7 alone will be enough for you, which can deal 2.5 thousand damage per hit. This will be enough to deal with elite enemies and bosses. But, of course, the blessings from the list above appear randomly in the run, so you may not get them.

As for curiosities, the following options will be very useful to you:

  • Dimension reduction cubes;
  • Beauty mantle;
  • Golden Coin of Discord;
  • Recording from another world.

Dimensional Reduction Cubes will help you find the blessings you need to increase the effectiveness of your squad. Meanwhile, the combination of the Mantle of Beauty and the Golden Coin of Strife will allow you to increase the damage of your squad depending on the number of Space Fragments collected. Recording from another world will help your squad survive all the AOE attacks that World 3 bosses often use.


After completing the third world of the virtual universe, pioneers will receive the following rewards:

  • Mastering Experience 300
  • Lost Dust of Light 5
  • Dead Core 10
  • Silvermane Badge 10
  • Ancient Part 5
  • Credits 1798

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