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Virtual World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail: how to pass, best units and blessings

Virtual World 5 at Honkai Star Rail

Kafka from World 5 in the virtual universe can be a dangerous opponent, but with the right strategy, you can defeat this boss.

The virtual universe in Honkai: Star Rail is a challenging game mode that requires you to rely on your skills and strategic thinking. In each world of the Virtual Universe, you will face unique bosses, each with unique combat mechanics and abilities. To defeat these formidable enemies, you need to carefully plan your approach, taking into account the weaknesses and skills of the bosses. This requires a deep understanding of the abilities of your squad members so that you can assemble a team with perfect synergy. You can experiment with different bless and character combinations to find the best build for each boss.

When you get to World 5 in the virtual universe, you will notice that the difficulty of the battles has increased significantly. This world is intended for players who have already reached high levels of Balance, and you will need heroes of level 60 or higher for it. Despite the complexity of this world, many try to go through it in order to get valuable resources and get powerful planar artifacts for their characters. If you correctly compose your squad, then you can go through World 5 even with F2P characters of about level 50. Of course, for this you will have to take into account all the skills of the available heroes and carefully choose blessings, but this is a completely doable task. This guide will help you do that.

Recommended characters for World 5 in Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka is vulnerable to physical, wind and imaginary damage types. In the first phase of the battle, she uses quick attacks and calls for allies to help. To emerge victorious from this battle, you need to recruit characters in your squad that can quickly break through the vulnerability and defeat its allies within a few seconds. Although Kafka is resistant to fire damage, you should still add Asta or similar heroes to your squad that provide a speed boost to your other characters. It is also worth including F2P heroes in the team, such as Dan Heng or Pathfinder with a physical type of damage, which can deal impressive damage to opponents and break shields while the rest of the team acts as support players.

Best Free Character Squad

  • Dan Heng: responsible for the main damage to enemies and breaking through the scale of resistance;
  • Asta: increases the speed of allies, preventing Kafka from attacking you too often;
  • Fire damage trailblazer: provides increased protection against powerful attacks, and his skills in synergy with Asta's skills will allow you to quickly reduce the HP of enemies;
  • Natasha: Responsible for healing allies and breaking through the resistance scale of opponents.

The best squad of premium characters


If you have one or more of the heroes from the list below, then the battle with Kafka will become much easier:

  • Welt: Being the only character in the game with apparent damage, Velt is able to significantly strengthen your squad. In addition to being able to quickly deplete enemy stamina bars, Velt is a valuable support character in the fight against Kafka. His Path of Nothingness gives him the ability to place dangerous debuffs on opponents, which can significantly slow down Kafka and reduce overall combat time.
  • Sushan: This is a great XNUMX-star physical damage type hero that can consistently deal high damage to Kafka and exploit her weaknesses. If you managed to get her, it is recommended to include Sushan in your squad instead of Dan Heng, as she can become the main attacker in your team, and her powerful skills will allow you to deal with Kafka faster.
  • Clara: In the fight with Kafka, this heroine reveals her full potential, demonstrating her ability to deal significant damage, and also plays the role of a tank impeccably. Her bonus attacks deal massive additional damage. However, to make the most of her abilities, you need to prepare for this battle by wisely choosing specific blessings and ensuring team synergy. She is not a universal character like Sushan and Dan Heng, so you should only include her in the squad if you understand her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Armor: This is a flexible support character that can replace Asta. Although it will require you to invest a considerable amount of skill points to maintain its buffs, even without it, the Armor can still contribute to the overall victory. With her skills, she can slowly but surely consume Kafka's stamina gauge so that all other team members can focus directly on dealing damage.

In general, you can collect a squad, depending on which characters you have already managed to get. Experiment with hero lineups to find the one that best suits your play style.

Best Ways and Blessings for the Virtual World 5


Given the challenging nature of combat and the potential low level of heroes, it's highly recommended that you choose the Path of Opulence, which has plenty of healing options. The fact is that you may lack the skills of healers from your squad like Natasha and Bailu. However, you will need to balance your defensive playstyle with blessings from other Paths to maximize your damage output. Otherwise, the battle with Kafka will drag on for a long time, and it is not known whether you will be able to emerge victorious from it. If you have a squad of F2P characters, the blessings of the Path of Preservation will definitely help you, and if you have Dan Heng or Sushan in your team, you should take the blessings of the Path of the Hunt. If you have Velt in the squad, you will definitely need the blessings of the Path of Nothingness, and if you have Clara in the squad, then you can unlock her damage potential and increase the heroine’s defense with the blessings of the Path of Destruction.

In order to effectively counter Kafka's debuff and mitigate the negative status of the characters, it is recommended to take Resonance Shaping: Anikka. This ability will greatly reduce the need to play aggressively, as it will help your characters avoid heavy damage during the opponent's turn. Of course, the battle will be slightly delayed, but you will have a much better chance of surviving. It is also recommended to take the following blessings:

  • Amulet from death (Abundance);
  • Precious moon-like candle (Abundance);
  • Transparent glass body (Abundance);
  • Victorious Force (Abundance);
  • Celestial Extermination (Hunting);
  • Duel of archers (Hunting);
  • Expulsion of Borisinians (Hunting);
  • Thunder passes over the earth (Hunting);
  • Why hasn't everything disappeared yet? (Non-existence);
  • Construction: Spray (Conservation).

The blessings collected above primarily provide protection to your squad by enhancing your characters' healing skills. However, you can choose other blessings in accordance with the current composition of the squad. The healing effect of the Resonance of Abundance alone will in some cases be enough to fight Kafka and even defeat her in auto battle mode. And don't forget to upgrade the blessings you find (especially the blessings of Abundance) to increase their effects.


For the successful passage of the fourth world of the virtual universe, pioneers will receive the following rewards:

  • Mastering Experience 300
  • Lost Dust of Light 6
  • thief instinct 12
  • Germs of Immortality 6
  • Artificial… 6
  • Ancient Part 12
  • Credits 2542

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