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All cheat codes and trainers for Everspace 2

All cheats and trainers in Everspace 2

A complete list of cheat codes for space shooter.

Everspace 2 is a fast paced single player space shooter with deep space exploration, RPG elements, multiple spaceships and addictive gameplay. However, some stages in Everspace 2 turned out to be especially difficult, because of you you may have problems with the passage. Fortunately, you can always use various cheats for Everspace 2 to make the gameplay as comfortable as possible. This guide contains all available cheat codes for Everspace 2.

All cheat codes for Everspace 2

There are several trainers for Everspace 2 - applications from third-party developers that can be integrated into the game to enter various cheat codes. One of the most reliable is the Plitch trainer, which includes 20 cheat codes with which you can activate infinite health or, for example, increase your reserves of credits (local currency). In the same guide, we will look at Fling - another great trainer.

Cheat codes in the Plitch trainer

Below are all the cheat codes that can be used in the Plitch trainer. Some of them make the gameplay much easier, while others are designed for veterans of Everspace 2 and are designed to make the gameplay more difficult. You can download this trainer on the official Plitch website, after which you can activate the necessary cheats in the game menu.

All cheats in the free version of the Plitch trainer

  • Prepare is a cheat that must be activated first in order to use the rest of the cheat codes.
  • Add Credits - Adds credits.
  • Reset Credits to 0 - reduces the number of credits to zero.
  • Unlimited Boost Energy - infinite acceleration energy.
  • Low Shield - lowers the level of shields.
  • Low Armor - lowers the level of armor.
  • Low Hull - lowers the level of hull durability.
  • Refill Shields - Increases the level of shields to the maximum.
  • Refill Armor - Increases the level of armor to the maximum.
  • Refill Hull - Increases the hull's durability level to the maximum.
  • Add XP - Adds experience points.

All cheats in the paid version of the Plitch trainer

  • Unlimited Missiles - endless missiles.
  • Unlimited Weapon Energy - infinite weapon energy.
  • Infinite Shield - infinite shields.
  • Unlimited Armor - infinite armor.
  • Unlimited Hull - infinite hull durability.
  • No Consumables Cooldown - No cooldown required when using consumables.
  • Unlimited Consumables - endless consumables.
  • Set Hovered Item Amount - sets the amount of hanging items in the crafting menu.
  • Set Ship Speed ​​- setting the speed of the ship.

Cheat codes in the Fling trainer

Another great trainer with a set of cheat codes is Fling. You can download it on the official website of the Fling developers, and after installing this addon, you can activate various cheats by pressing one of the buttons listed below.

  • Num 1 - Infinite Health.
  • Num 2 - Infinite Shields.
  • Num 3 - Infinite Armor.
  • Num 4 - Infinite weapon energy.
  • Numpad 5 - Infinite Missiles.
  • Num 6 - Infinite Haste Energy.
  • Num 7 - Infinite Consumables
  • Numpad 8 - Instant Recharge Devices.
  • Numpad 9 - Infinite use of devices.
  • Num 0 - Adjust the game speed.
  • Num_ - Destroy shields with one hit.
  • Num + - Destroy armor with one hit.
  • Num - - Destroy enemies with one hit.
  • CTRL+Num 1 - Change the number of credits.
  • CTRL+Num 2 - Infinite experience.
  • CTRL+Num 3 - Change the experience multiplier.
  • CTRL+Num 4 - Augmentation modules are no longer required.
  • CTRL+Num 5 - Infinite device upgrade points.
  • CTRL+Num 6 - Crafting experience no longer required.
  • CTRL+Num 7 - Crafting materials are no longer required.

Plitch and Fling are the two best trainers for Everspace 2 with the most extensive set of cheat codes. It's a good idea to check their system requirements before installing them to make sure they won't put too much stress on your PC while running.

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