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All trash cans in the Administrative District in Honkai Star Rail: how to get the Diogenes Utopia achievement

All trash cans in the Administrative District in Honkai Star Rail

There are 20 garbage cans in the Administrative District of Belobog, but useful things can be found in only 10 of them.

When you get to the Administrative District of Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail, you can go in search of all objects of interest, including garbage cans - some of them contain useful items. This is a completely safe area, since the citizens of the Overworld live here, and there are no enemies or monsters in this region.

Oddly enough, for researching garbage cans in Honkai: Star Rail, you can get a special achievement for your labors. The "Utopia of Diogenes" achievement is awarded if you manage to find 10 items by searching 20 garbage cans.

How to get the "Utopia of Diogenes" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

To earn the "Diogenes Utopia" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to collect 10 items from 20 trash cans scattered throughout the Administrative District. Fortunately, there are no enemies here, however, one of the tanks will be inaccessible until you complete the main mission of level 24. This trash can is located at the cable car station, but it does not contain any items, so you can get the achievement without it.

Here are all the items that can be found in 20 trash cans:

Trash canReward
1Picture: Trash can (opens after 3rd interaction)
2BOOK: "Belobozhskie sausages"
4BOOK: “Adventures in the Snow Country. Chapter IV"
5Consumables: The Dignity of Garbage
6ancient coin
7Consumables: Garbage
9Consumables: Nice looking trash
10BOOK: "Cold fish in jam"
16BOOK: "A letter pieced together"
17Consumables: Jim Roger's Bread Soda

Trash cans at the bottom administrative region


From the spatial anchor at the Goethe Hotel, follow the first tank, which is located nearby, and then inspect the second tank to the west. Climb the stairs north of the hotel where the third tank is, then go down the same stairs to find the fourth and fifth dumpsters to the east. Turn northwest and inspect the sixth and seventh garbage cans. After that, go north to find the eighth tank near the garbage dump. Next, turn east, where the ninth trash can is located near the stair railing.

In this list, the mandatory containers will be tanks with numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. It is in them that useful items are stored.

Garbage bins in the central part of the Administrative Region


Next, teleport to the dimensional anchor in the Central Square and go northeast to find the 10th trash can on the left side of the bookstore; this is the only container that needs to be explored in the area for the Diogenes Utopia achievement. Now go to the east side of the store to search the 11th tank. As for the 12th trash can, it is located southeast of the point where the Armor can be found.

The 13th and 14th garbage cans are located very close to each other. From the previous location, you can go south and go around the statue to find them, or you can go southeast from the dimensional anchor in the Central Square, where you will find the 13th trash can. After that, move to the southwest, where you will see the 14th container.

Trash cans at the top administrative region


Five more garbage cans are located in the upper part of the Administrative District. Teleport to the dimensional anchor at the Golden Theater and turn around to search the 15th container. The 16th and 17th trash bins are located in the northwest and northeast, respectively - only these two bins contain useful items needed for the achievement.

South of the theater is Dumpster 18, which can be reached by heading southeast from the Dimensional Anchor. Climb down the stairs and head south to find the 19th tank next to the vending machine.

Garbage bins on the lower floor of the Administrative District


Finally, go down the stairs and get to the opposite side at the cable car station, where you will see the last (20th) trash can. It is not necessary to inspect it at all, since there are no objects in it. However, if you still want to see this for yourself, keep in mind that the location with this tank will open only after you complete the Mastery mission of level 24.

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