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All Character Paths in Honkai: Star Rail [explained]

All character paths in Honkai Star Rail

Each of the characters in Honkai: Star Rail follows one of the seven Paths. Let's talk about how they differ from each other.

Honkai: Star Rail features a variety of playable characters, each following a specific path and relying on one of several types of damage in combat. The type of damage (element) determines whether the selected character will be able to deplete the scale of the resistance of one or another enemy in order to break through the vulnerability and impose a negative status on the enemy until the next turn.

In the meantime, a character's Path determines their role in the team. Each of the seven Paths corresponds to a different Aeon, beings with divine powers in the Honkai universe. All information on the Aeons is collected by Gert with the help of a special program, since people know almost nothing about these creatures.

Path of Destruction in Honkai: Star Rail

The protagonist of Honkai: Star Rail, the Pathfinder, follows the Path of Destruction at the start of the game. This is a very balanced Path, as it allows you to deal massive damage to enemies and gives you unique abilities that can help you last longer in battle.

Not all support abilities are available to characters at low levels, so in order to unleash the true potential of the Path of Destruction, you need to level the hero properly. Characters following this Path can also deal massive damage to both a single target and groups of enemies. The aeon of the Path of Destruction is Nanook.

Tip: it is recommended to invest in leveling the characters of the Path of Destruction in the early stages of the game, as this is the most balanced Path in the game.

If you play F2P or have a minimum investment in the game, it is advised to think in advance which heroes you are going to upgrade, since you will not have enough materials for upgrades.

Path of Abundance in Honkai: Star Rail


Characters following the Path of Abundance (which corresponds to Aeon Yaoshi) rely more on healing abilities than offensive ones. Of course, each of them has a basic attack that can deal little damage, but most of the abilities of such heroes are geared towards healing one ally or the entire squad.

During the passage of story quests in Honkai: Star Rail, you can get one free character from the Path of Abundance - Natasha. It is recommended to always make up a squad in such a way that it includes at least one hero of the Path of Abundance, who can heal allies in time in unequal battles.

Path of the Hunt in Honkai: Star Rail


The characters of the Way of the Hunt in Honkai: Star Rail can deal impressive damage to opponents. This Path corresponds to the Lan Aeon, and the heroes who adhere to it prey on the undead that once destroyed their native lands. They specialize in single target combat, making them perfect for boss fights.

And although the heroes of the Path of Destruction are able to deal good damage to single targets, they are much inferior in this parameter to the characters of the Path of the Hunt. The disadvantage of such heroes is that they will not be able to attack several enemies at the same time, therefore it is highly recommended not to recruit only characters of the Path of the Hunt into your squad.

Conservation Path in Honkai: Star Rail


One of the main representatives of the Path of Preservation is the Cheetah, who owes his abilities to the Aeon named Qliphoth. The main goal of the characters of this Path is to protect their team at all costs, which means that they all have phenomenal defensive skills that help them create powerful shields or reduce the damage of opponents.

They can also apply various debuffs to enemies that delay or cancel their turns, which in turn reduces incoming damage to your squad members. However, do not count on the offensive abilities of the characters of the Way of Preservation, since this is not part of their specialization. They are needed solely to maintain the life of your team.

Tip: Heroes who adhere to the Paths of Abundance and Preservation play completely different roles in the team, and this must be taken into account when composing a squad. The Path of Plenty allows you to heal injured heroes, while the Path of Preservation aims to prevent your characters from taking too much damage in the first place.

Path of Erudite in Honkai: Star Rail


Characters who adhere to the Path of Erudite tend to have good damage rates and evenly distribute it among all opponents on the battlefield. As such, they are great for fighting multiple enemies. The aeon of the Path of Erudition is Nus.

Due to their specialization, the heroes of the Path of Erudite deal the highest multi-target damage among the representatives of all other Paths. However, they don't place any debuffs on enemies except for negative statuses while they are breached. Of course, in battles with bosses, the characters of the Path of Erudite will be practically useless.

Path of Nothingness in Honkai: Star Rail


IX is the Aeon of the Way of Nothingness, which is alien to the concept of teamwork. According to various legends, IX does not even communicate or interact with other Aeons in any way. Among the most famous representatives of the Path of Nothingness is Velt, who boasts spectacular animations for his skills. Heroes of this Path specialize in debuffs that are placed on enemies.

These negative effects include both immobilization and reduced resistance to a particular element, which, in turn, allows you to maximize the damage done. Thus, the heroes of the Path of Nothingness can become indispensable members of your squad.

Path of Harmony in Honkai: Star Rail


The Path of Harmony is the exact opposite of the Path of Nothingness. Characters in this category do not apply negative statuses to enemies, but instead apply various buffs to their allies. The Aeon of Harmony named Shipe is known for ruling over many worlds and bringing Harmony to them.

The characters of this Path specialize in increasing the damage of their comrades, so they are great for units that already have representatives of the Paths of Erudition, Hunting or Destruction. If you are preparing for a boss fight, then you simply cannot do without the hero of the Path of Harmony.

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