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All resources in Minecraft Legends and how to get them

How to get resource weight in Minecraft Legends

A guide to finding diamonds, red stones and other resources in Minecraft Legends.

In Minecraft Legends, the usual collection of resources from Minecraft is presented from a new angle. Instead of extracting the necessary materials on your own, you can send hurryers (fairies-helpers) to search for them, who will collect useful resources for you. As in the original game, some materials can be found without any problems, while others are extremely rare.

As you destroy one Piglin base after another, you will need to increase the size of your army, and for this, all the resources available in the game will come in handy, with which you can eventually save the Overworld. This guide will teach you how to mine each type of material in Minecraft Legends.

Village chests

The most reliable way to replenish resources is chests in villages. You just need to make sure that the villages on the map are safe and periodically look into them to collect materials. As long as the villagers are not attacked by piglins, they will collect resources for you and put them in a chest by the fountain.

In each of these chests you can find wood, stones, lapis lazuli, as well as one additional resource - iron, coal, redstone or diamond. You can see what kind of bonus material is mined in a particular village on the world map - just point the courses at the desired village.

As soon as the chest in the village is full, no new materials will appear in it until you take everything that is in it. Fortunately, you can craft a special upgrade in the Well of Doom, after which you will be able to collect all the resources from the available village chests by interacting with only one of them. Keep in mind that this does not increase the capacity of each chest.

Warning: If the piglins conquer the village, they will take everything that lies in the chest by the fountain. Even after you free this village, you will not be able to return the stolen resources!

Wood and stones


Wood and stones are basic game resources that are used almost everywhere! With their help, you can also create the basis of your army - golems from planks and cobblestones.

You can find these materials literally everywhere, so don't worry about running out of them. Most of these resources are in areas located around the Well of Doom. In some regions (for example, in the wastelands and arid savannah), stones are more often found, while in others (in the jungle and forest) it is easier to get wood.

Iron, coal, diamonds and red stones


These valuable materials can be found in small veins around the world. They come across quite rarely, so you will have to carefully explore the world and send the villagers to collect the resources found. The table below explains where to find these materials and what they are for.

ResourceBiomesWhat is used for?
HardwareForestArid SavannahCraft towers and advanced buildings. Craft grindstone golems and mossy golems. Awaken the Brick First.
CoalWastelandMeadowCreation of a scattering tower and other defensive structures. Creation of creepers. Awakening of the First from diorite.
DiamondJagged peaksTundraCreation of ice towers. Creation of towers of power. Creation of skeletons.
Red stoneJungleSwampCrafting a Redstone Thrower. Crafting Towers of Power. Crafting Zombies.

Tip: Zombie homesteads tend to have large deposits of redstones, so it's a good idea to look into these locations before attacking piglin bases.

Gold, prismarine and lapis lazuli


These are the rarest minerals in Minecraft Legends. They can only be obtained after defeating piglin units.

ResourceHow to getWhat is used for?
GoldDestroying piglin buildings. Opening chests at piglin outposts and bases.Awakening of the First. Activation of the towers of power.
PrismarineSuccessful defense of villages. Destruction of piglin buildings.Construction of improvements in the Well of Doom.
Lapis lazuliDestruction of piglin mobs.Create friendly mobs.

Note: You need to be nearby to pick up the gold, prismarine, and lapis lazuli that drop from piglins. All these resources quickly disappear after the destruction of the piglins, so you need to have time to collect them.

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