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All secret achievements on the planet Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail: how to complete

Hidden achievements on Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail

On the planet Yarilo-6, you can collect a lot of hidden achievements in order to exchange them for valuable rewards.

Yarilo-6 is the second location available for exploration in Honkai: Star Rail, and it is unlocked after completing several Exploration missions. This planet is many times larger than the Hertha space station, and while exploring it, you will meet new characters, as well as interesting quests and a lot of achievements.

Some of the achievements in this location are related to secret interactions with characters, objects in the locations and various items, so you will have to explore every corner of all available regions in order to collect the treasured achievements. This guide will help you do that.

How to get all the secret achievements on the planet Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail

Don't you dare transfer drinks

You will need to interact with the trash can in the alley to find Jim Roger's Bread Soda and get the "Don't You Dare Translate Drinks" achievement.

Utopia of Diogenes


To earn the "Diogenes Utopia" achievement in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to collect 10 items from 20 trash cans scattered throughout the Administrative District.



Approach the fountain located in the Administrative District of the city of Belobog and use the Praise of High Morale to fish out a treasure from it. For this you will receive the achievement "Big Snatch".



The first time you use Praise of High Morale, you will automatically receive the "Retribution" achievement. This can be obtained in any of the game regions, and not only on Yarilo VI, however, the opportunity to spend this resource will appear for the first time on this snow-covered planet.

Mandela effect


In the alley near the Golden Theater in the Administrative District, you can find the Mystery Man. You need to talk to him four times, after which you will receive a message from the Cheetah about the key to the gate of this alley (after each conversation, you need to teleport to another location, and then return to the man). As soon as the Cheetah answers that no "alley" exists, you will receive the Mandela Effect achievement. Keep in mind that the fourth dialogue with the man can only be started after you complete the Assimilation mission "Young Guard".

Quickly picked up does not count as fallen


Once you get to a cheap room at the Grand Hotel Goethe, you can evaluate it by filling out a questionnaire. It lies on the table in the room, and each question can be answered with a positive, neutral or negative answer, but they do not affect anything. Once you complete the questionnaire, take it to Gertie, who is standing outside the hotel. As a reward, you will receive the Nasty Fried Rice Recipe, Commendation of High Morale, and the achievement "Quickly raised does not count as fallen."

Everwinter City Trap


In the Robot Settlement in Honkai: Star Rail, you can talk to Eunice south of the Rogue Hideout Dimensional Anchor. Listen to her rap until the end to get the Everwinter City Trap achievement.

Knight in shining armor


Buy a language module from the Administrative District store and give it to Fidora so she can fix her robot. For this you will receive the achievement "Knight in Sparkling Armor".

50 credits?!


There are seven wanted posters throughout the Administrative District. Remove them all to get the "50 credits?!" achievement. You can also talk to Pela and Cheetah about this topic to open up a couple of unique dialogues.

The Lord of the Storm


There is a suspicious suitcase at the cable car station. To open it, use one Praise of High Morale (or insist it's a bomb to save Praise). For this you will receive the achievement "Lord of the Storm".

A star named Pom Pom


Interact with the huge globe in Armor's office to earn the Pom Pom Star achievement.



To get the 12+ achievement, head to the Underdark Fight Club and collect the Dark Fist Tournament Invitation from the table. After that, talk to the Mysterious Child, who is standing outside the building, and play rock-paper-scissors. You can choose any of the options, since the outcome of the game is predetermined.

From another world


You need to find a point in Zklepkograd, from where a faint female voice is heard. After the conversation, you will receive a Broken Music Box. Take the item to the sister of this woman, after which you will be given the achievement "From another world."



Travel southeast from Natasha's Clinic dimensional anchor in Kamnegrad to speak with Maksim, the forgetful miner. As a reward, you will receive an vomit recipe that can be used to craft an edible item. As soon as one of your characters eats it, you will receive the Ravenous achievement.

La la la land


Speak to Tamila near the Golden Theater in the Administrative District to receive the phonograph score and the La La Land achievement.

moral superiority


Destroy the barrel at the designated location in the Silvermane Guards Restricted Zone, then defeat the Defender of Public Property (or simply admit your mistake) to earn the "Moral Highness" achievement.

Bright and smooth


Destroy all destructible objects that will catch your eye during the exploration of Yarilo-VI. Sooner or later you will find three ancient coins - for this you will be given the "Bright and Smooth" achievement.

That's all you need to know about how to get all the hidden achievements on planet Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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