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All secret quests on the planet Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail: how to find and rewards

All secret tasks on Yarilo 6 in Honkai Star Rail

For completing hidden tasks on the planet Yarilo-6, you can get a lot of valuable rewards.

In addition to Exploration Missions, Companion Missions, and Adventure Missions, there are many hidden quests in Honkai: Star Rail. Some of them are connected in one way or another with other tasks, but some of the secret missions open only after interacting with some character or object in the location.

Since these are not quite ordinary quests, their exact location is not marked on the map. You need to look for them on your own, talking with the locals in the hope that they will give you important clues. For the implementation of such missions, shields are most often issued - a local currency that is used only on the planet Yarilo-6. This guide will help you find all the secret quests in this region.

Secret quests on the planet Yarilo-6 in Honkai Star Rail

Hidden Quest 1

Repair the trash can just south of the food stand in Kamengrad to get one Commendation of High Morale.

Hidden Quest 2


Several mailboxes are scattered throughout the Administrative District. By interacting with them, you can either push the stuck letters inside, earning one Commendation of High Morale, or give them to Mana (who apparently throws them in the nearest bin), earning 1 credits for each letter. In total, you can earn 000 credits for this quest.

Hidden Quest 3


Hide in the closet of the Grand Hotel Goethe and scare the maid to get one Commendation of High Morale.

Hidden Quest 4


Assess the quality of service at the Grand Goethe Hotel by completing the questionnaire, which lies on the table in the cheap room. Then give it to Gertie to get the Nasty Fried Rice Recipe, Commendation of High Morale, and 20 shields.

Hidden Quest 5


To the south of the spatial anchor "Golden Theater" in the Administrative District there is a sewer manhole. Interact with him and talk to Mikael to earn some shields.

Hidden Quest 6


After opening all the chests in Kamnegrad, head east from the Goethe Grand Hotel and talk to the Mysterious Woman near the two treasure chests. A normal chest contains a dazzling rainbow stone that can be taken to appraiser Balaway - it is located southeast of the Goethe Grand Hotel dimensional anchor. After that, you will receive one Commendation of High Morale and 10 credits.

Hidden Quest 7


Interact with the phone booth west of the Golden Theater Dimensional Anchor and speak with the Legal Rights Society representative. Use all available replicas, and after the end of the dialogue you will receive 20 shields.

Hidden Quest 8


Head to the Armor's office in Fort Kilpoth, which is located northeast of the dimensional anchor in Central Square. Go to the Armor table and inspect it, then select the "I am chaos incarnate!" option, after which you will receive a recipe for High-tech protective equipment.

Hidden Quest 9


Talk to Antonina and select the line “I'm looking for some coven. See what I mean?" to get a Heat Driven Pickaxe (80% durability). Next, head to the Lookout Space Anchor in the Big Mine, and head north. Here you will find ore deposits, from which you can get a Perfect Geo Essence Crystal with a pickaxe. Give it to Antonina to get 8 credits and 000 shields (you can insist on 20 credits).

Tip: you need to hit the ore with medium force. If you hit the stone with all your might, you will break the pickaxe. However, in this case, you can return to Antonina, who will give you a Heat Drive Pickaxe (60% durability).

Hidden Quest 10


Enter the Fight Club and go to the back, where you will see two visitors who want to get a photo of Dan Hen. Talk to Cold Dragon to send you a photo of himself, then give it to the fans to get one Commendation of High Morality. You can give it away for free, or you can earn 3 credits from it.

Hidden Quest 11


This quest is similar to the previous one: you need to talk to the girl who is standing in front of the Serval workshop. Next, go inside, photograph Serval and give the photo to her fan, for which you will receive 20 shields.

Hidden Quest 12


Investigate the phone booth south of the Sepal Fragmentum (Crimson): Bud of Abundance in the Sewer Passage. After listening to a strange dialogue, go to the Fight Club in the Underdark and open the safe using the code 0213. At this point, this mini-quest will come to an end, and you will receive 20 shields.

Hidden Quest 13


Examine all the doors in the Goethe Hotel, after which twin sisters will appear in front of you, who will invite you to stay with them to play ... forever. After the cutscene ends, you will receive 20 shields.

Hidden Quest 14


Find the blue car in front of the stairs leading to the Golden Theater in the Administrative District and inspect it. A mocking villager will soon approach you and give you 5 credits and 000 shields to stop you from giving him a parking ticket.

Achievements related to hidden quests on Yarilo-6 in Honkai: Star Rail


In addition to rewards for hidden quests on the planet Yarilo-Vl, you will also receive several achievements for which you are entitled to star jade and shields.

Hidden questAchievementOther awards
Examine the trash can to find a sodaDon't you dare transfer drinksJim Roger Bread Soda
Look around everything garbage cans in BelobogUtopia of Diogenes
Catch the treasure from the Belobog fountainscoop
Talk to the Mysterious Man in the alley, after which he will ask you to open the gateMandela effect
Get a recipe by evaluating the level of service of the Grand Hotel GoetheQuickly picked up does not count as fallenPraise of high morality
Listen to the rap girls from the Robot SettlementEverwinter City Trap
Collect all arrest warrants in the Administrative Region50 credits?!
Find a language module for FidoraKnight in shining armorPraise of high morality
Take part in the tournament "Dark Fist"12+
Open the suitcase and get dazzling gold watchThe Lord of the Stormdazzling gold watch
Interact with the huge globe near the Armor tableA star named Pom Pom
Interact with in a weak female voice in Zaklepkograd; give her the bell ribbon and give her older sister the music boxFrom another worldPraise of high morality
Synthesize emetic and drink itInsatiable
Get the phonograph score by talking to TamilaLa la la landScore for phonograph
Defeat the Defender of Public Property (or admit your mistake)moral superiorityPraise of high morality
Find three ancient coinsBright and smooth

That's all you need to know about how to find all secret quests on Yarilo 6 in Honkai Star Rail, as well as achievements and rewards. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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There is also a small nedokvestik, at the station in the white god, on the bridge you need to inspect the suitcase in which something is ticking (for this you need to give one figurine), we will find Wallace's watch. You can give them to him by finding a chela at the top, in the administrative area near the sculpture with blue crystals

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