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All arrows in Honkai Star Rail: how to get and spend world currency

Arrows in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has Arrows, which are considered the world's currency. It can be obtained by exploring the world and is very similar to the Hertarium. There is a special shop in Lofu Xianzhou for use.

In this handy guide, we detail where to get Arrows in Honkai Star Rail and what you can spend them on.

Where to exchange Arrows in Honkai Star Rail

Arrows are the local currency used in the in-game store located in Lofu Xianzhou. This shop is located in the Central Harbor of Star Skiff Refuge, and to access it, you need to speak with Superintendent Handian near the Dimensional Anchor on Stargazer Avenue.

Where to find the world currency Arrows in Honkai Star Rail

There are two ways to get this currency:

  1. Exploring Lofu Xianzhou and interacting with various items.
  2. Completing adventure missions.

This guide will help you get 150 arrows that are given out for exploring Lofu Xianzhou (this does not include adventure mission rewards).

By following the instructions from this guide, you can also get the following achievements:

  1. Flight cancellation;
  2. From princes to mud;
  3. Away from the maddening crowd.

Central Harbor of Star Skiff Refuge


1. Go to the dimensional anchor "Star Skiff Pier" and head to the dock in the northwest. Look around the passenger ship and select apology lines to help Strange Lady toss a coin into the jade wheel (select the "Aim just above the jade wheel" option). For this you will receive 10 arrows and the achievement "Cancelled Flight".


2. Teleport again to the dimensional anchor "Star Skiff Pier", and then turn right, where you will find an open-air cafe. Approach the table and use one Praise of High Morality to read the contents of the scroll lying on the table. The reward for this will be 10 arrows.


3. Go to the dimensional anchor on Earthen Square and enter the Star Palace, which is right in front of you. Once inside, proceed to the left side of the room and inspect the table behind Yanming.


After that, return to the same spatial anchor again and approach Yanming again. This time there will be a treasure chest behind it. Unfortunately, Yanming will prevent you from opening it.


To open the chest, you need to talk to Shikui, who is standing near the entrance to the Star Palace. It is located in the center of the hall, so you will not be able to pass by it. After you talk to her, she will talk to Yanming, and you will have the opportunity to get to the chest and get 10 arrows.


4. Teleport to the dimensional anchor on the Avenue of the Stargazers and head east, where there is a small closed shop. Examine the book lying on the windowsill and write the answer. It is recommended to choose the following options:

  1. Dear stranger...
  2. Sympathy…
  3. Humble opinion...
  4. Paying bills is fine...

After that, move to any other location, and then return to the closed shop and interact with the book again to get 10 more arrows.


5. Teleport to the dimensional anchor on Stargazers Avenue and turn around to find the Food Stall Owner. He will offer you to participate in the "Battle of Gluttons", where you can earn 10 arrows and the achievement "From princes to filth".

It is recommended to choose the following options:

  1. Talk to the Taciturn Man and choose the line "I don't want to upset you, but you will lose!".
  2. Talk to Encouraged Girl and select the lines "Hi, let's talk about diplomacy..." and "I'll take it all to win the prize!".
  3. Take part in the battle and choose the options “Yes. Let's eat!" and "Sip".

6. Travel to the dimensional anchor on Stargazers Avenue and head to the Jeweler's Pagoda right in front of you. Examine the item on the counter to pick up a Dirty Part.


Turn around and find the Frowny Guy in front of the Jeweler's Pagoda and give him this part in exchange for the Old Box.


Next, teleport to the Dimensional Anchor in the Court of Tranquility in the Exalted Shrine and head to the bookstore on the right. As soon as you approach him, a dialogue will automatically start. Give the box to the Sad Woman and get the Jar of Scaled Tears in return.


Now return to the Dimensional Anchor on Stargazers Avenue in the Central Harbor of the Star-Sailboat Retreat and head north to the open-air cafe. Find Howard and talk to him. In exchange for the pitcher, he will give you 10 Star Jades and 10 Arrows.


7. This is a long mission related to courier robots. For its passage you can get 70 arrows and 8 achievements:

  1. Seven bugs of robots: Laziness;
  2. Seven bugs of robots: Envy;
  3. Seven bugs of robots: Gluttony;
  4. Seven bugs of robots: Pride;
  5. Seven robot bugs: Greed;
  6. Seven robot bugs: Lust;
  7. Seven robot bugs: Wrath;
  8. Better one bird in your hand than a thousand in the sky.

Exalted Sanctuary


8. Teleport to the dimensional anchor in the Court of Tranquility and head north until you find a special vase. Talk to her and then put 5 garbage bags in her to earn 10 arrows and one Commendation of High Morale.


9. Return to the vase the next day (after restarting the servers) and interact with it again. Use one Praise of High Morale and forfeit the reward to get the "Far from the Madding Crowd" achievement and 10 more arrows. It is recommended to choose the following options:

  1. (Stick your head inside)
  2. I don't understand. What do you have in mind?
  3. (Quietly stand.)
  4. (Put your hand inside.)
  5. This gift is too precious for me...
  6. This is not what I brought!
  7. (Put your hand inside.)

Video guide

*We will add a video walkthrough a little later.

That's all you need to know about how to get Recipe: Onigiri in Honkai Star Rail. Now you can read our other guides on new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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