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All chests in Zklepkograd in Honkai Star Rail and Space piggy bank (Yarilo VI)

Honkai: Star Rail's Riveting City has eight main chests, one space piggy bank, and several higher-level chests.

Each area in Honkai: Star Rail has several sets of treasures and hidden secrets, if players are willing to take the time to find them. Some of these chests are obvious and can be found along the way, while others will be difficult to find. There are two types of chests when searching for chests in Riveting City; regular treasure chests that are undefended like any area in Honkai: Star Rail, and protected treasure chests that drop better loot if players were able to defeat their guardians.

To find everything chests and a piggy bank of space in Zaklepkograd Honkai: Star Rail, this guide will provide a detailed overview.

Where to find all the chests in the Rivet City in Honkai Star Rail

The first chest is located near the entrance to the area, south of Zaklepkograd.

When players choose the only road leading north, they may notice a small alleyway east of Riveting City where another regular chest is hidden.

The third and fourth chests in Zaklepkograd are located right next to the Abandoned Market Point.


One of the chests is available in the center of Riveting City between several enemies. They do not protect the chest, so players can take it without engaging in combat.


There is another chest in the south of Zaklepkograd.


After going through a lot of enemies and gates, players can find one of the last major chests in Riveting City just before reaching the Refuge Point.


Finally, the last chest can be found at the end of the Riveting City, right next to where the Pathfinder talks to Clara in the main quest.

Where to Find the Space Piggy Bank in Honkai Star Rail's Riveting City


To find the Piggy Bank in Zaklepkograd, players must travel far east in the area and take all the eastern paths. After there are no east roads left, follow the only path south to find a pig. Piggy bank space in Honkai: StarRail is a frightened monster that can easily escape. It is recommended to have characters that can quickly and effectively break the pig's shield in order to stun it and defeat it as quickly as possible.

Other chest locations in Riveting City Honkai Star Rail


The first hidden area contains two chests in Riveting City. Players can find this area around the corner from the Abandoned Market Point; use the controller there, which will open the gate behind it. Interacting with it will unlock the Magnetic Flux Connector puzzle, where players must connect all the terminals to solve it.


A rich treasure chest is available right outside the gate. Players can move on to face a strong enemy that is protecting a precious chest in Honkai: StarRail.


Far to the east of Riveting City, the Pathfinder will come across a broken chain structure. Solve the Magnetic Flux Connectors puzzle to activate it and follow it for a Rich Treasure Chest.


Follow the same road further to trigger a fight against the enemy, which rewards players with another precious chest upon victory.


Finally, right before reaching the haven waypoint, if players head west instead of the stairs, they will fight two waves of mediocre enemies and be rewarded with a generous treasure chest.

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1 month ago

Lord, 10 pictures for 3 chests! the one who wrote the guide, damn it, check which pictures you upload !!! there are 9 chests on the map and you link 3 images repeated for 1 chest ... I have to find all these chests according to the guide in 3 places? the chest on the chest is there judging by the pictures?

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