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Remember how you were in Genshin Impact: how to start and pass

Remember how you were in Genshin Impact

Remember what you were like in Genshin Impact - Nahida legends quest, second part, storyline continuation of the quest “How to find your way home”. In the course of completing the task, we will have to descend into the depths of the Rift, witness the resurrection of the Heart of the Oasis and help the elemental molders protect their home.

In this guide, we will figure out how to start and complete the task, what difficulties you will face and what reward awaits at the end.

How to start the quest Remember How You Were in Genshin Impact

There are no special requirements to receive the quest. We complete the previous part - "How to find the way home", after which the task automatically appears in the journal. We select as active in the quest log and proceed to the passage.


Walkthrough Remember how you were in Genshin Impact

Descend into the depths of the Rift

Open the underground map of the Rift and teleport to the nearest teleportation point (see screenshot).


From the teleportation point on foot we go a few steps forward, towards the marker (a luminous area on the ground).


A small cut-scene begins and a dialogue with the molders begins. We wait for completion, after which we go even deeper into the Rift until we get to the mobs.

Defeat the monsters, destroy the mud well

Having reached the place, we have two goals: to destroy the monsters and activate the luminiferous stones to destroy the mud well. First of all, we destroy the mobs so that they do not interfere.


Open inventory and select as a tool Luminous Stone Adjuvant - without it, it will not be possible to get rid of dirt. Now we activate the glowing particles around the dirt and gain energy from the tool, after which we approach the mud hole itself and press the use tool button (Z by default). 


Talk to another elemental creature

After the destruction of the mud well, we find another elemental creature without consciousness. After some discussion, Nahida asks us to use the mysterious crystal from the beginning of the first quest to purify an elemental creature that has been under the mud for too long and has lost its mind.


The plan works successfully, the earthen geo morovik regains his sanity, a dialogue begins, during which he talks about his mission - to keep the memories of Nahida and the memories of the great apocalypse.


Geo Morovik tells a lot of interesting things and reveals the essence of the mysterious crystal - the seed of fire. 


We discuss a further plan of action and wait for the completion of the dialogue.

Follow directions to Sumeru Desert

Teleport to the quest marker. The teleport point is right next to the quest marker, in the Lands of the Three Channels.


On the spot there is a small dialogue with molders. 

Follow deep into the sandstorm

From the teleport point, we jump and fly towards the marker to enter deep into the sandstorm. 


Keep going forward until a cutscene starts.


During the cut-scene, for the first time we see a huge dragon dendro.


The dendro dragon immediately shows its hostility towards the heroes, calling it a weak life form.


Talking to the dragon leads nowhere. Apep threatens the whole of Teyvat with destruction, after which he leaves.

Defeat the attacking monsters

Instead of the dragon, elemental molders appear, which have significantly changed and lost their minds. There is no other choice but to defeat them. The fight begins.


We defeat molds. They are temporarily harmless. 

Speak to the elemental creature

Nahida believes that they can still be saved.


She uses the crystal again and the first elemental molder evolves, gaining new powers and a new appearance. We are waiting for the completion of dialogues and cutscenes.

Find Apep's Hideout

We head to the next quest marker to find the dragon Apep.


We get to the cave and go inside, continue to walk forward to the next marker.


Having reached the right place, we begin another dialogue, where Nahida tries to persuade Dendro the dragon to appear and talk normally.


Enter the central area

After the cutscene, Nahida uses the crystal to teleport everyone to the oasis, but the GG and the molders are gone, and Nahida and Paimon are together. Most likely, the crystal simply teleported everyone to different points. There is an opportunity to play for Nahida. We go forward towards the quest marker.


A cutscene begins in the center, during which the seed of fire is destroyed. There is a dialogue between Nahida and Paimon. We are waiting for completion.

Witness the resurrection of the Heart of the Oasis

During the cutscene to Nahida and Paimon, the GG breaks through with a fight along with the molders. Nahida is about to sacrifice herself, but the elemental molder prevents her from doing so. 


We are waiting for the end of the cutscene, after which the boss fight begins.

Save the home of the elemental beings

You need to save the home of elemental creatures, for this you will need to defeat the boss - the Defender of the Last Oasis, the fight with which consists of three phases. 


In the first phase, you just need to attack the enemy and take away a large amount of health. During the second phase, the boss disappears, and a core appears in the center of the arena, which must be protected from mobs. After protecting the cocoon, the third phase begins, which differs from the first only in complexity - the damage and health of the boss increase. In general, the fight is not difficult, and a detailed guide to victory can be found at this link

Talk to Apep

After defeating the boss, a dialogue with Apep begins. The dragon received his strength back, but along with the strength he also received a sense of peace.


We are waiting for the completion of the dialogue with the dendro dragon.

Talk to Nahida

Apep brings us back. We talk with Nahida.


Return to the Sumeru city area and look for molds

We return back to the place where the first elemental mold lay unconscious (not far from the gates of the city of Sumeru). A quest marker leads to the right place.


We talk with molders and wait for the end of the dialogue. At the same time, the task ends.



For the successful completion of Remember How You Were, travelers will receive the following rewards:

  • Primogems (60 units);
  • Adventure Experience (x875);
  • Mora (53900 units);
  • Hero experience (x6);
  • Enchant Magic Ore (x12);
  • Wit Directions (x5).

Video guide

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