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Abandoned Ruins in Genshin Impact: How to open and complete the dungeon

Abandoned Ruins in Genshin Impact

Abandoned Ruins in Genshin Impact is a one-time dungeon where you only need to defeat three opponents to complete and receive a reward. Despite the simplicity, some players have difficulties due to the level of opponents.

In this guide, we will figure out how to get to this dungeon, which ready-made units are best for easy passage, and what reward is provided at the end.

How to open the Abandoned Ruins dungeon in Genshin Impact

The dungeon belongs to the Geo region and is located near the Wang Shu inn. To get to the place, you can use any of the nearby teleports. The dungeon is literally surrounded by teleport points.


There is one single condition for gaining access to the dungeon - the presence of the 24th rank. The opponents are quite strong and have a level 45, so it is recommended to pump in advance so that there are no difficulties.

How to complete Abandoned Ruins in Genshin Impact

An experienced player shouldn't have any problems. To complete the dungeon, you only need to destroy a squad of three opponents: two mages of the abyss (pyro element) and a lavacurl with a stone shell. To defeat enemies, it is enough to know their strengths and weaknesses. It is enough to take a character with a two-handed sword to break through the shield, and against the pyro mages of the abyss, it is enough to use cryo / hydro elements.


Once in the arena, we see a locked chest and three enemies. We approach them and start the battle. We destroy the mages of the abyss using cryo / hydro elements or in any other way, and a two-handed blade is ideal against the stone shell of the lavacurl. Once the enemies are defeated, loot the chest and leave the arena.


Below in the article there will be recommendations for the passage.

Whom to take in the squad for passing the dungeon

Considering that at this stage the player does not yet have a large number of heroes, we will consider rather budgetary, classic units. Given the characteristics of the enemies to be defeated, you need to take characters with a two-handed sword + hydro, cryo and geo elements are ideal. With this information in mind, here are a few recommendations.

  • blanknoelle, blankKeya, blankBarbara, blankGeo GG. Completely free squad, a good choice for passing the dungeon. The squad has everything you need: a large amount of protection and treatment, it is possible to remove the lavachurl shield with the help of Noelle and Geo GG. Keia and Barbara take on the abyssal mages to destroy their shields.
  • blanknoelle, blankxing qiu, blankDione, blankNing Guang. A slightly more powerful unit where you can easily destroy the shields of opponents + Dione will provide protection for the unit with both a shield and a heal, so that the opponents will not be a problem.

How to defeat enemies in the dungeon

A few tips on how to ease the passage of the dungeon. We have to fight with opponents who have good protection due to shields and a lot of damage. 

  • Team up with characters with good healing and a shield. For example, Dione is ideal, who can give both. Protection plays an important role.
  • The stone shell (shield) of the lavachurl can be destroyed in two ways: with normal auto-attacks using two-handed blades or with the help of a geo element. 
  • Abyss Pyro Shield can be destroyed by hydro and cryo elements, so be sure to take such characters into your squad.
  • Try to pull the enemies in one place to defeat them easier once the shields are down, especially if the squad has AOE damage.
  • Don't forget about consumables that can heal, give protection from certain elements, and so on.
  • If you have both cryo and hydro characters, try to trigger the freeze reaction more often to freeze the enemies and prevent them from moving / attacking, buying extra time for yourself.


Since the dungeon is a one-time use, the reward can only be received after the first passage. List of available awards:

  • Primogems (40 units);
  • Mora (30k);
  • Adventure experience (500 units);
  • Hero experience (2 units);
  • Magic ore of strengthening (4 units);
  • Prosperity Directions (2 units);
  • Key to Li Yue's Tomb of the Deep (x1);
  • Artifact “Resilience of the Brave” from the “Soul of the Brave” set. Takes up a Sands of Time slot.

Video guide

That's all you need to know about how to find and complete the Abandoned Ruins dungeon in Genshin Impact. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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