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Central lands harvesting in Genshin Impact: where to get and why you need it

Central lands harvesting in Genshin Impact

Core lands in Genshin Impact are used in the recipes of some weapons. There are 5 types of blanks in total: for melee and ranged weapons, starting with catalysts and ending with two-handed blades.

In this guide, we will figure out where and how to get different types of blanks, which bosses you need to defeat, how to convert and what recipes are used. 

What are Central Land Harvesting in Genshin Impact?

In total, at the moment, you can get five types of blanks for each category of weapons, respectively: 

  1. One-handed blade;
  2. Two-handed blade;
  3. Bow;
  4. Polearm;
  5. Catalyst.

Blanks are required to craft the corresponding weapon. For crafting a one-handed weapon, for example, you will need to prepare a blade, and so with each individual type of weapon.


Where to find central lands harvesting in Genshin Impact

They can be obtained in different ways: after the boss fight as a reward or for recrafting. Below we will consider all the available methods and their features. 


The blanks can be knocked out from two bosses, but with a rather small chance, so if you didn’t manage to farm the necessary material, but knocked out the blanks of a northerner, they can be converted into blanks of the central lands. List of bosses from which blanks can be knocked out:

  1. Scaramuccia (Wanderer);
  2. Apep Oasis Guardian (Unlocked during Legends of Nahida, Patch 3.6, after talking to Dendro Dragon).

At the same time, to receive a reward, you will have to spend resin (a renewable resource). To recraft, you will need to spend a northerner blank (each type will require a corresponding blank) + two dream dissolvers. 

Dream Tree upgrade

Separately, blanks can be obtained by pumping the dream tree. They drop out at x4, x14, x24, x34, x44 levels respectively, so by leveling the tree you can get the required materials to complete the craft.


Where to Buy Central Land Harvesting in Genshin Impact

It will not be possible to purchase blanks for the base currency, but this can be done in the souvenir shops of anemo and geo regions by spending rare stamps of the corresponding elements. However, it is northerner blanks that are on sale, so they must first be purchased, then converted / recrafted.

What is the purpose of harvesting the central lands in Genshin Impact

Each of the blanks is suitable for crafting one weapon. List of available weapons: 

  1. Regalia of the forest;
  2. Piercing the Moon;
  3. The fruit of replenishment;
  4. Approximate king;
  5. Wooden blade.

Separately, you will need to purchase recipes for crafting the above weapons from Aravine.


That's all you need to know about how to get the central land harvest in Genshin Impact and what weapons you can craft. Now you can read our other guides on Genshin Impact, new quests, events and content in the game. Leave your comments below and bookmark our site so you don't miss anything.

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