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Joe's rainy day supplies in Dead Island 2: how to complete the quest [guide]

Joe's stockpile for a rainy day in Dead Island 2

In the "Joe's Rainy Day Supplies" quest, you'll need to follow the trail of notes to find a unique weapon.

After numerous reschedules, Dead Island 2, which has been in production hell for over 10 years, has finally made it to release. Despite troubled production, Dead Island 2 proved to be a big hit for Deep Silver, selling over a million copies in its first three days of release. Apparently, the players liked the light and humorous style of Dead Island 2, which distinguishes it from more serious and dark zombie action games.

The authors of Dead Island 2 invites us to go on an adventure through the ruined streets of Los Angeles, survived the zombie apocalypse. We have to explore several huge locations, where many secrets and rewards are hidden. You can find them while exploring the city, if you deviate from the linear path of the story missions. Almost every side quest rewards us with unique weapons - for example, for completing the side mission "My postman is a zombie" you can get a powerful Raven rifle.

Many of these optional tasks are divided into several stages. This also applies to the side quest Joe's Stockpile for a Rainy Day, for completing which the game will reward you with experience points, as well as a special melee weapon. This guide will help you complete this search mission.

How to complete "Joe's Stockpile for a Rainy Day" in Dead Island 2

Once you get to Venice Beach by completing one of the story missions, you can unlock the "Joe's Stockpile for a Rainy Day" quest. While exploring this region, you will surely come across a couple of surfboard rental shops. They are called Jo's Rentals, and in front of each of them there is a shark with goggles (the exact same icon is used on the map. Go to the rental office located on the left. To enter inside, you will first need to break the yellow panel directly above the door using a throwable item or shot - this will disable the alarm so as not to attract too much attention from the zombies.Then break the window and go in. At the far end of the room near the cash register you will find an entry called "Joe's Stash", after which a search task will start.

It is divided into several stages, and as part of this task, it tells a short story of a character who did not have time to leave Los Angeles before the exits from the city were blocked. To the right of the entry is a key for Joe's staff. This is an important quest item, so don't forget to pick it up.


Next, head east to find Joe's second rental. Go inside and pick up a mobile phone near the cash register, after which you will have an entry "Lovely Little Joe", which mentions a red car. Head to the parking lot southeast of the Blue Crab Bar. As soon as you approach the red car, a unique enemy will appear in the parking lot - Joe's Stray Body. Be careful, because a Crusher and a couple of Runners will join this battle, so don't let them corner you.

Once you deal with the zombie-turned Joe, you need to pick up the phone that fell from him, after which you will have the last entry called "Joe's Goodbye". Read it so that the location of the cache appears on the map. It is located to the east of the Blue Crab Bar, namely on the roof of the building with the sign Marla's Tapas and Tacos. Jump on the stack of pallets in the parking lot to get on the roof. There are two zombies waiting for you behind the lattice fence. Deal with them and go behind the fence, where you will find a large blue container. Be careful - there is a tripwire hidden in this location that sets fire to everything around it. You can throw any throwable item to activate the tripwire and burn the two zombies guarding the stash.



Once you open the stash, you will complete this quest and receive 2 experience points, as well as a purple rarity melee weapon (Superior). This is a unique mount with the Ready skill, which speeds up the cooldown of an active thrown item after several zombie kills.

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