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Announcement of Luka, the new playable character in Honkai: Star Rail

Bow announcement in Honkai Star Rail

In a recent post on the Chinese forum Miyoushe, HoYoverse has officially announced a new hero for Honkai: Star Rail. They became Luka - a four-star character with a physical type of damage. Despite the fact that he has not yet appeared in the story missions of Assimilation in version 1.0 of the game, some players managed to notice hints of this hero in the official release trailer, as well as in the descriptions of some light cones. Luke's description is as follows:

“Cheerful and freedom-loving fighter with a mechanical arm. Master of mixed martial arts, one of the members of Wildfire. From the ring to the battlefield, from fighter to soldier, Luka uses his power to protect the people of the Underdark. Once he was overtaken by true despair, so now he seeks to give hope to others.

Light Cone "Determination gleams like pearls of sweat"

In the description of Luka's signature weapon, you can see a brief background of the character, as well as information about his current profession - Luka is a professional boxer.

“The fighting ring sparkles brightly, but no brighter than the drops of sweat flowing down his back. He had long ago decided to use his fists to protect those he held dear. After all, it was they who ignited his resolve. They have always been there for him both in and out of the ring."


By the way, in the official trailer there was a scene showing how Luka trains with a punching bag (in the screenshot above).

Although HoYoverse has not specified what class Luka will be, it is likely that he will follow the Path of Nothingness, as his light cone is designed specifically for this Path. However, this is only speculation, so it is recommended to wait for a special broadcast on patch 1.1, where the developers will share details regarding new characters and events.

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