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Where to find the army supply crate key in Dead Island 2

Army Supply Crate Key in Dead Island 2

Not far from the Halperin Hotel is a locked army supply crate. We tell you how to find the key to it.

The Army Supply Crate is one of the many locked containers of valuable loot that can be found during the Dead Island 2 story campaign. Luckily, the key to it is hidden nearby.

Keys to numerous boxes, containers and chests from loot in Dead Island 2, as a rule, either drop from special zombies with names, or are hidden in non-obvious locations. This guide will help you find the Army Supply Crate Key.

When can I get the army supply crate key in Dead Island 2

It should be noted right away that this key, like most of the unique items in Dead Island 2, can only be unlocked after completing a certain story quest.

This key drops from a special drill sergeant zombie that will only appear on the map after you complete the story mission "Room Service for Major Booker" at the Halperin Hotel. As soon as you leave the hotel and head back to Emma's Bel Air mansion, you'll run into this sergeant along the way. If you missed it the first time, then in the future you will have the opportunity to return to this location to complete one of the side quests.

How to beat Drill Sergeant in Dead Island 2


In the finale of Major Booker's Room Service mission, you will encounter the first Crusher in the game, Becky's Bride, who acts as a boss. After this skirmish, other Crushers will begin to appear in the game, which usually accompany standard walkers and connecting rods.

One of these destroyers will be a unique zombie - a drill sergeant. To find him, simply follow the yellow quest marker from the Halperin Hotel that leads back to Bel Air. On the way to the army outpost, you will come across a drill sergeant who is just standing in the middle of the street leading to the suburban area, so it is quite difficult not to notice him.

Kill a sergeant by dodging or parrying his attacks in time. Try to jump up and down as he slams his fists on the ground so you don't get hit by the shock wave. After defeating him, you will be able to pick up the Army Crate Key from his corpse.

Where to find Army Supply Crate in Dead Island 2


Fortunately, the crate you need is located not far from the drill sergeant himself. You just need to walk down the street from it. Follow the exit point leading back to Bel Air, but don't turn right to the road leading to the military checkpoint with the turnstile, but instead move forward.

Pretty soon you will reach two cargo containers. One of them is open and right in front of it is a workbench and a military jeep. Walk around the back of the jeep and you'll find a yellow supply crate. Click on the interaction button to open it.

At the moment, it is not known exactly how the system for generating loot in containers works. Some players are receiving fixed rewards from each crate, while others are reporting weapons in crates being randomly generated. However, most gamers claim that this box specifically drops an army knife. Keep in mind that weapons from containers always correspond to the level of the character. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for the stage of the game where rare and superior versions of weapons begin to appear more often, and only after that return to this supply box to get the most powerful version of the army knife of all.

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