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Star pass in Honkai Star Rail: what gives and rewards

Star Pass at Honkai Star Rail

Star Passes are a vital mechanic in Honkai: Star Rail. They play a huge role in MiYoHo's latest adventure set among the stars.

Pom Pom is the director of the Star Express, as well as a character that players interact with to use the gacha mechanic.

Star Passes and Special Star Passes are the currency used in Honkai: Star Rail for players using the game's gacha mechanics. Here's a breakdown of exactly what these passes do and how to get them.

What do star passes give in Honkai Star Rail

Star Passes are special tickets that are used to complete the game mechanics of Honkai: Star Rail. It's like a loot box that provides players with a random drop. This can be anything from a light cone that attaches to a character to a full new permanent character for players to use.

Special passes give you access to event jumps. There are two gacha events when starting the game. The first one is designed specifically for light cones, and the second one is focused on the Zele character.

A golden door means that players have knocked out a five-star character or item.

These different ways of using star passes are called banners. Here we took a closer look at what banners are and what they mean.

Honkai Star Rail Star Pass Rewards

MiYoHo are very transparent when it comes to what is available in HSR pass deals. They give a detailed breakdown of the odds of getting any of the specific drops on the information pages next to each of the various trades.

The general rule is that every 10 jumps will guarantee players at least one character with four stars or higher. If players get duplicates, they turn into Eidolons. Players can use Eidolons to upgrade existing characters they have previously unlocked.


Eidolons are a way for players to upgrade characters when they acquire a duplicate Essence.

For events, there is an exceptionally small percentage chance to get one of the strongest characters, but if you complete 90 attempts, you are guaranteed to get it.

The limited chances of the jump event drop are as follows:

  • 0,6% chance to get a five-star character
  • 5,1% chance to get a four-star character or a light cone
  • 90 jumps to knock out a five-star guaranteed hero

The biggest benefit of the event event is the chance to get Zele, a five-star character that has attracted the attention of many fans.

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